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How CAVU Human Capital Management helped Risinger* pave a path to growth
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How CAVU HCM helped Risinger* pave a path to growth

*Risinger saves $3,000 a month and 3 hours a week with CAVU Payroll and HR Services

Meet Risinger

Risinger is a family-owned, dry van carrier based in Morton, Illinois.

For over 40 years, they have dedicated themselves to building successful partnerships with their customers, contractors, and partner carriers.

Back in 1978, the founder, Dave Risinger, purchased Wickert Delivery Service, a small Peoria-based company. Two years later, Risinger grew from 25 to 100 trucks. Today they operate with 300 power units and 950 trailers, and they have become a leader in providing innovative transportation solutions.

Even though the company grew over the years, its values remained the same. From the beginning, they strived to give a personalized support to all of their contractors and partner carriers. Now with over 70 employees in 6 different states, Risinger consistently prioritizes the best technology to help them streamline its operations and stay ahead of customer and partner needs.

The challenge

When Shelley Dravis took on the role of Accounting Manager, she wanted to extend the same approach to HR, payroll, and finance. For over 15 years, Risinger used ADP for its payroll services. For them, working with ADP included a lot of manually entered hours, as their timekeeping system wasn’t fully compatible with their needs. Their HR management included a lot of tedious paperwork. Managers and supervisors spent an additional two or three hours per week on various applications and manual entry of employees’ time reports.

As that kind of HR and finance practices didn’t match the innovative solutions held throughout the rest of the business, Risinger started to search for an alternative. Their goal was to find software that would provide them with a solution for their timekeeping troubles, payroll services, HR management, and tax credits.

“The biggest challenges that I face when working with payroll and HR management are staying up to date on the latest compliance. We have six different states we do payroll for, and we have employees in all those states. Not to mention, the tax credits that have come about in the last couple of years due to COVID-19”

Shelley Dravis, Accounting Manager

The approach

Connecting payroll to the rest of the business

Before getting started with CAVU Human Capital Management, Shelley and her team reached out to their existing payroll software provider and asked for a quote for attaching tax and timekeeping solutions in their current services. At the same time, they started contacting other companies asking for quotes and demos of their software.

During their research, Shelley realized that the 30-minute demo done with CAVU HCM covered everything Risinger needed, and their ability to streamline payroll and HR processes and centralize them on a single platform was one of the key factors that piqued her interest.

Shelley found that, like Risinger, CAVU embraced innovation and best industry practices and they stayed focused on continuous improvements of their product. CAVU not only offered comprehensive capabilities for the business, but it also added to the overall visibility by allowing the managers to have a clear overview of employees’ paid time off, timekeeping, and payroll stubs.

“I feel like CAVU HCM is fairly priced compared to other competitors. We did compare what it would cost to add timekeeping and tax services with ADP, and they cost $1,000 more per year than CAVU. They also cost $3,000 more just to implement the tax and timekeeping services.”

Shelley Dravis, Accounting Manager

Shelley and her team had the flexibility to customize their setup to best fit their business.


CAVU Human Capital Management completed the transition in a couple of weeks, unlike their previous provider, who expected it to take around eight weeks to add additional services to their package.

All CAVU’s onboarding manager needed was access to their existing software, and he was able to complete 90% of the transition independently. The rest of the time was used on various customization to ensure Risinger received the perfect product for their needs.

The onboarding consisted of a two-hour meeting with a designated payroll guide who went with them through a checklist of monthly tasks and assisted in running their first payroll. In addition, The CAVU’s payroll guide assisted them with finding a background check service suited for their business and eliminated time-consuming, manual communications.

Implementing a new software solution can be stressful and cause many companies to hesitate, but according to Shelley, their implementation was a breeze. “The transition to CAVU was very straightforward. We worked with their onboarding manager, who pretty much was able to pull all of our information from our existing reports, and it all went very smoothly. He was great and easy to work with.”

Tax credit and benefits

After a smooth implementation, Risinger reached out to CAVU HCM to discuss their eligibility for a tax credit. As the IRS, at the time, didn’t come out with a lot of straightforward guidance on all new credits available due to COVID-19, Shelley and her team had a lot of questions that were left unanswered. “The companies had to basically interpret the rules themselves. CAVU guided us through all our questions and concerns and helped us make a decision”

“We’ve received one check already for the employee retention credit, and we expect to get another one early next year for the same amount. So, it’s going to be over $250,000 in tax credits.”

Says Shelley.

Paving the path with partnership

At the moment, Risinger uses CAVU Human Capital Management for payroll, timekeeping, and tax services. Their future plans with the platform include adding HR services to further optimize their onboarding process. Shelley explains how the implementation process is always an adjustment, but their entire team is pleased with the level of responsiveness they receive. “The customer support is great, we have a dedicated payroll guide and he is very familiar with all our little ins and outs and things about Risinger. He is our day-to-day go-to person for questions about anything. Instead of calling into a customer service line, he is our customer service line, and all my interactions with him so far have been super positive. He is great to work with, and you can really tell that he loves his job and loves his clients,” says Shelley.

When compared to their previous provider, Shelley and the team both agree that the difference in the support they received is unmeasurable. “Our experience with our previous payroll provider was pretty terrible customer service and not a very user-friendly website. When I went to cancel our account, they didn’t really care. They kind of just went through the motions of canceling the account. And we also never had anybody following up with us to check if things were running smoothly or offering us new services.”

“CAVU has greatly improved our timekeeping process. I probably spend an hour less time on payroll each month than I used to, and I can reach them for support in less than a minute, which has been amazing.”

Beyond HR and Finance

Shelley believes CAVU’s technology and best-practice approach has helped Risinger reinforce its emphasis on innovation and efficiency across the business. “CAVU HCM provides the entire team with peace of mind. Knowing that they’re taking care of all our taxes, tax credits, and everything else payroll-related really is a real value,” she says.

“Another important benefit unrelated to HR and finances itself is the fact that I’ve gained the time that I can now focus on other relevant aspects of my job. Risinger is all about process improvement and I am one of the leads on those projects. CAVU allows me to delegate more time towards it, so the impact of the software is felt in multiple areas.”

In addition to the time savings, the CAVU dashboard provides the latest data and trends on payroll, benefits costs, retention, turnover, hiring, and more. Along with detailed reporting, they help management allocate their resources more effectively and allow them to make informed decisions.

Continuous Improvement

The CAVU product is constantly evolving and improving. To Shelley, that means adding new features and best practices that create more value for her, her team, and their business.

Shelley is always interested in leveraging new technologies and ideas to improve the way Risinger operates. She is confident that CAVU Human Capital Management is the right partner to back them up on their journey. “CAVU recognizes that no two companies are exactly the same, so they’ve customized their services to meet their clients’ needs,” says Shelley. “They saved us time and money and we’ve been truly able to streamline our processes with them.”


Your payroll business is our business.


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