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With likely changes to IRS processing approaching and an “open door” for retroactive claims through 2024-2025, it’s time for your business to determine its eligibility and submit thorough, accurate ERC claims that maximize the credit for your company.

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ERC Processing Pace & Overall Financial Impact

In 2020 alone, the total number of ERC credits claimed was 168,918 among 119,834 employers, amounting to $10.9 billion in dollars claimed. The average credit per employer among quarterly filers was $92,182, and $19,278 among annual filers.
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IRS Flagging and Audit Factors

GAO’s assessment of shared IRS data found that 65% of the employee identification numbers (EINs) used to identify entities in ERC claims were flagged for possible ineligibility. This particularly applied to 337 employers who established EINs in April 2020 or later, filed for credit in the second quarter of 2020, but failed to submit an employment tax return again.

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