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Keep All of Your Company’s HR Files in One Place

CAVU’s HR Document Management System keeps your information organized for easy access and storage. Choose who has access to the files, such as, new hire documents, policy handbooks, notices, employee photos, performance reviews, and more.

Key Features



Centralize HR Documents

All employee documents and files are stored in one HR document management system for easy access, eliminating the need to manually store and manage files. Documents are easier to locate and keep up to date.


Enjoy peace of mind that documents are securely stored in multiple off-site backup locations and monitored 24/7. You can also limit access and/or change privileges for confidence in document control.


Employee Record Access

Documents in the HR document management system can be attached to individual employee records or can be stored at the company level. Managers can have access to documents based on security access given. 


Integrated into HCM

Documents in the HR document management system can be electronically signed by employees when using CAVU HCM’s Employee Onboarding system. Managers can review the completion status of onboarding documents and capture all the critical information required for onboarding new employees, providing a smooth and quick new hire process.   

A simplified payroll process


Take advantage of our HR Document Management System