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Human Resources

Automate the employee lifecycle with CAVU HR

The CAVU Human Resource Management suite offers a combination of software and concierge services to help you manage your day-to-day HR


CAVU HR Management.

The CAVU HR Management suite offers a combination of software and concierge services to help you manage your day-to-day HR tasks. HR Management enables your employees, their managers, and your HR team to perform these functions efficiently:

  • Request, approve, schedule, and track paid leave
  • Manage employee job goals and performance
  • Scan and provide secure electronic storage for documents related to employee files
  • Comply with US Department of Labor requirements to post information about employee rights, government services, and forms of redress

For companies growing beyond their current HR capabilities.

CAVU’s HR Management solution is for companies wanting to…

  • Offer employees and supervisors more complete and convenient HR
  • Reduce the cost of using manual HR processes
  • Run a more complete suite of HR software
  • Access HR counsel on demand, without having to hire on-staff experts
Managers often fail to register out-of-state employees

Industry experts share 8 common mistakes managers are making while managing their remote teams.

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Offer enhanced HR solutions to employees and front-line managers.

Improve the employee experience. Automate repetitive tasks. Save money through software and concierge services

PTO Management
Performance Management
Employee and Manager Self-Service
HR Live Service
HR Library
Enhanced ACA

PTO Management

PTO Management

The Paid Time Off (PTO) feature enables your employees to request time off work. They can also view PTO balances from their smartphone or other mobile devices.

  • Employees can request vacation and submit notes to managers for requests
  • See other team members who have vacation
  • Receive approvals and/or denials of requests from their manager
  • Approved vacation is automatically deducted from the employee’s vacation accrual
  • Employees can also view their vacation balances available

Performance Management

Performance Management

Track and maintain employee’s performance information, including:

  • Achievements
  • Attendance
  • Performance merits recognition
  • Number of performance occurrences received by each employee
  • Performance occurrence description and date

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Empower employees and managers to serve themselves online. Streamline administrative tasks - access via mobile, tablet, or desktop. Efficiently respond to employee inquiries on these topics and more:

  • Pay stubs, Pay history, and Employee Calendar with PTO & Holidays
  • W2/1099, Electronic Document Storage, and E-Sign Documents
  • Direct Deposit Accounts
  • Company Assigned Tasks
  • Company Policy Acknowledgement, Company Announcements

HR Live Service

HR Live Service

Our customers work with a dedicated HR Advisor who understands your business and unique HR challenges.

  • We know HR compliance for all 50 states. We can help you with almost any HR challenges that may arise
  • We help you interpret the latest HR laws and guidelines
  • We expand your general HR knowledge
  • Our certified HR Advisors have an average of 16+ years of experience

HR Library

HR Library

The CAVU HR Library offers articles and on-demand training videos. They enable you to comply with…

  • Federal and state laws that affect organizations
  • State-specific mandated harassment prevention courses

They also help you…

  • Build customized employee handbooks
  • Receive up-to-the-minute alerts of federal and state laws
  • Create custom job descriptions
  • Access customizable templates, HR forms, and documents

Enhanced ACA

Enhanced ACA

With CAVU’s Enhanced ACA software and related services, you can…

  • Help ensure compliance
  • Meet reporting requirements efficiently through automated processes

Specifically, you can…

  • Import benefits information
  • Aggregate information to populate the 1094 and 1095 B and C series forms
  • Generate the 1094 and 1095 B and C series forms
  • Transmit 1094 and 1095 B and C data to the 1RS when required

Why is HR Management important?

Day-to-day management of the HR function often involves routine, repetitive tasks that can be labor intensive. By having proven HR service solutions you can avoid conflict in the following areas:


Inquiries from employees and their managers


Regulatory compliance for files and data storage


Provide information and support

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