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Simple, Scalable & Powerful
Online Payroll Software

Manage your payroll with confidence with CAVU HCM's Payroll and Tax Management solutions.

A simplified payroll process

A simplified payroll process

CAVU HCM’s payroll technology and services will transform the way your business does payroll.

Our easy-to-use software and expert Payroll Guides are there every step of the way to help you when you need it. We offer general ledger integration, Auto-Run functionality, employee self-service, reporting and analytics, multiple pay options, and a vast array of human capital management software solutions.

Let us transform your payroll experience

Our expert team provides:

Payroll Guides

Every CAVU client has a dedicated payroll expert to be there when they need them.

Multiple Pay Options

CAVU offers live checks, direct deposit into multiple accounts, Payroll Debit Cards, and Earned Wage Access so you don’t have to provide advances or generate manual checks.


Reporting & Analytics

Our online payroll summary provides you a quick and effortless way to view your cash requirements, tax liabilities and payroll reports.


Real-Time Payroll

Don’t wait on someone to complete your payroll. CAVU’s payroll solution provides you the ability to make changes, preview, and complete your payroll in real-time on your schedule.

Employee Self-Service

Managers and employees can have access to vital information including pay stubs, pay history, hours worked, PTO, W2s, and much more via their smartphone.

Count on Us for Payroll Tax Compliance

Count on Us for Payroll Tax Compliance

Managing your own payroll tax compliance can be a risk and time-consuming endeavor. Federal, state, and local regulations are constantly evolving and, more than likely, you don’t have the time and resources to keep up.

With CAVU HCM’s Tax Management Service, you can have more time to focus on running your business and eliminate the worry about payroll tax compliance.

Whether you have a local team, operate locations in multiple states, or have remote employees spread across the country, CAVU HCM’s Tax Management Service will manage the entire process so you don’t have to.

We’ll give you peace of mind, save you time, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all your payroll tax deposits and filings.


Paying your payroll tax liabilities is on us

Our payroll Tax Management Service also helps you with federally mandated new hire reporting and wage garnishment services, which require appropriate state filings – a burdensome task.
CAVU is a Payroll Reporting Agent with the IRS and operates in all 50 states and local tax jurisdictions. Our team pay yours payroll tax liabilities to the federal, state, and local tax agencies, as well as prepares and files:

  • Federal and state unemployment returns
  • Federal Form 941 – Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
  • Federal Form 940 – Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return (FUTA)
  • Federal Form 943 – Employer’s Federal Tax Return for Agricultural Employees
  • Federal Form 1040 – Schedule H – Household Employment Taxes
  • State and Local Withholding, Unemployment (SUTA/SUI) & annual reconciliation
  • Required Local Payroll Tax filings
  • W-2s at the end of each year
  • 1099 forms
  • Federally mandated New Hire Reporting
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