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Selling Your Payroll Business Made Simple.

You’ve spent time and energy building a successful payroll service business, but now it’s time for you to focus on you.

Get a Free Business Valuation

How We Can Help You?

CAVU HCM and it's management team have a proven track record of payroll acquisitions. We provide you options to stay involved in the business and work with you to retain your staff. Selling your business takes a great deal of thought, consideration and planning, so it's critical you find the right buyer at the right price. We can provide you and your clients a smooth transition. 

Why Sell to CAVU HCM?

Whether you are a payroll service business or an accountant providing payroll, we know the hard work and investment it took to get where you are today. We also know, for most, you are your business and you have built a solid reputation in your community and with your staff. Now that it's time to consider an exit strategy. CAVU can provide you and your clients a proven track record and experience, top-notch service, and reliability, all while helping you maximize your ROI.

Schedule a Conversation with our Valuation Team

We’ll contact you within 1 business day. We won’t share your data will with anybody outside CAVU.


Know your valued clients will be in good hands. Our trusted Payroll Guides inspire confidence and trust with all CAVU HCM clients, just like the care and support you've provided all these years.  


You have worked hard to build your business and we want to help you maximize your ROI. We evaluate each company independently and to understand what is most important to you, your staff and your clients. 


We value your staff as much as you do. We believe the knowledge and skills  of your staff are critical to the success of the business and future momentum with clients. We'll work with you to help retain your team. We offer opportunity for growth, a wonderful team culture, and excellent benefits. 


Our enterprise level payroll and HR technology provides your clients a best-in-class solution for all their payroll and HR needs. 

Get the level of involvement you’re looking for

CAVU’s team has a long experience in working with other payroll service providers


Leverage our resources to help you grow faster

As your partner, CAVU can provide operational and enterprise experience to accelerate your company’s growth.

We can offer firms of all sizes Enterprise-grade technology and software, dedicated sales and marketing support, and collaboration with other service providers in the CAVU network.

We want to build a network of small firms to give the market options from “those big guys”.


Hand off your customers to a hands-on firm

If you’ve been in the payroll business for a long time, you may be ready for something different in your life.

We know you have provided a lifetime of hard work that shines in how you create value for your customers. You care about where they will go next, and want to have a contingency plan for them that prepares them for the future.

We will work with you and your client to plan each step of the transition so you can walk away with the comfort of knowing all your accounts are in good hands.

Here’s what recent CAVU customers are saying


Let’s talk

If you are considering selling your payroll business in the next 12 months, we would love to provide you a valuation of your business. We work with you to obtain complete understanding of your business - clients, employees, assets, partnerships and more. Our process is highly confidential, efficient and we provide you a letter of intent to detail our offer. Feel free to schedule a conversation directly with me by clicking the link below.

I look forward to speaking with you! 

Marty Hamby

CAVU HCM, Founder & Co-CEO

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