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WorkForce management

Track and Analyze Employees Work Hours with Workforce Management

Achieve control, compliance, insight, and efficiency - all with real-time visibility.


What is Workforce Management?

With Workforce Management, you can see in real-time when and where your employees’ work begins and ends. You can instantly review and approve the work hours your employees post with cloud based time and attendance. Time and attendance also enables you to…

  • Schedule work
  • Track labor hours worked
  • Report and analyze where employees spend their work time
  • Flow labor hours into payroll processing. Maintain data integrity from punch to paycheck
  • Comply with the US Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state labor laws

Improve workforce productivity and control labor costs.

Employees can clock in and out by mobile device, clock, or computer—wherever they’re working with workforce management clock. CAVU meets all your cloud time-and-attendance requirements in one system:

  • Flexible punch options
  • Data flows between HR, payroll, and time and attendance
  • Real-time access to employee time data
  • Compliance with wage and hour regulations
Managers often fail to register out-of-state employees

Industry experts share 8 common mistakes managers are making while managing their remote teams.

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Manage complex work schedules.

See where your payroll time and attendance dollars and work hours go

Labor Allocation
GPS Timekeeping



A mobile app enables employees to clock in and out, with the option of geofencing. CAVU’s VoiceClock function turns an ordinary telephone into a timekeeping device. Employees can also track their time through:

  • Biometric time clocks. Employees share a fingerprint before clocking their time.
  • Facial recognition and temperature scan. The system uses facial recognition to verify the employee’s identity. It can also use a thermal scanner to check the employee’s temperature when clocking.

Labor Allocation

Labor Allocation

Managers can view real-time reports and analytics that show labor costs and hours associated with jobs or tasks, projects, or customers. You can track, allocate, report, and pay labor by these attributes:

  • Division or business unit
  • Location
  • Department
  • Job
  • Piece work
  • Tips

GPS Timekeeping

GPS Timekeeping

See when and where your employees' clock in and out of work. Use geofencing to limit their ability clock in or out by their current location.




Managers can see this data in real time:

  • Time worked
  • Attendance
  • Time and labor
  • Tardy and absent
  • Exceptions or missed punches

To control labor costs, they can also see…

  • Hours approaching overtime
  • Job tracking



Supervisors can prepare employee work schedules conveniently, accurately, and from almost anywhere. It syncs your coverage needs with the availability of employees. It enables employees and managers to work together to create, modify, and communicate work schedules.


Why is Workforce Management important?

CAVU’s Workforce Management offerings enable you to track and analyze employee work hours for accuracy, fraud prevention and security, control of labor cost, including unplanned overtime, and cost allocation.

The tools employees use to log their work time should work well whether employees are...


At a company location


Assigned to multiple locations


Working remotely

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