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Manage Your Time and Attendance More Efficiently Than Ever Before

Cut down on administrative tasks with CAVU’s Time and Attendance Solution

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Visibility in Real-Time

With CAVU, have time and attendance reports at your fingertips and analyze how employees spend their work time. Fully integrated into our payroll solution, our time and attendance feature is available whenever you need.

Our service aligns with the US Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and all state labor laws, keeping your business compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

Key Features of our Time and Attendance Service


Dashboards & Reporting

Comprehensive dashboards and reporting allow managers to have instant access and insight to drive informed decision making and optimization of labor costs.

Clock Approvals

Allows employees and supervisors to easily review and correct punches, see hours worked each day, and approve time sheets.

Manager Approval

With role based security, limit the accessibility of information to the appropriate employees and managers. 



See when and where your employees’ clock in and out of work. 

Use geofencing to limit their ability to clock in or out based on their current location.


Company In/Out Board

Our In/Out Board provides a quick and user-friendly view of where your team is throughout the workday, giving managers a simpler way to manage their teams.

The board displays a color coordinated graph for each team member indicating when they clock in/out and their breaks.


Labor Allocation

With CAVU track, allocate, report, and pay labor by attributes like:

  • Divisions
  • Locations
  • Department
  • Jobs
  • Piece Work
  • Tips

Time and Attendance

Real-Time Visibility
Provide your managers with reports and analytics that show labor costs associated with jobs or tasks, projects, or customers.