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Payroll for Enterprise-Level Businesses

Efficient, accurate, adaptable payroll is a must, especially as operations expand and compliance requirements multiply.

Enterprise-level businesses experience all sorts of demands but payroll does not need to be one of them.

Payroll for Enterprise-Level Businesses

Enterprise-level businesses face unique challenges when it comes to payroll which requires advanced, integrated, and scalable solutions that operate efficiently across locations, jurisdictions, and large workforces.

CAVU HCM offers tailored payroll solutions that cater to the complex needs of large corporations, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and seamless integration with other business systems and HR processes.

Beyond software solutions that ensure streamlined payroll processing and ongoing compliance, CAVU supports your business with personalized expert support and a host of employee self-service options that enhance employee experience and engagement. 

Challenges Faced by Enterprise-Level Businesses

Processing payroll without qualified support can be daunting and time-consuming for any business, but especially for enterprise-level businesses with more complex demands. Finding a qualified enterprise payroll solution is especially imperative for large corporations because a single inaccuracy or compliance error could create a more costly “compound effect” resulting from the size of a workforce, unconsolidated data, or other factors. 

Whether it’s negotiating payroll protocols for different employee types and classifications, or integrating payroll with related HR processes like time & attendance, onboarding, and benefits administration, there are a number of payroll challenges for large corporations. 

Workforce Configuration
Managing Expenses and Historical Data
Integration of HR Processes and Employee Engagement
Data Security & Permissions
Enterprise Payroll Compliance and Regulations

Workforce Configuration

Workforce Configuration

Enterprise-level businesses must responsibly manage payroll, taxes, and other HR processes for exempt and non-exempt employees; traditional W-2 employees and 1099 contractors; and remote, hybrid, and on-site employees. This wide range of employee types and work configurations not only impacts time & attendance and scheduling, but also affects requirements for local, state, and federal taxes based on where an employee works or lives. 

Using enterprise payroll solutions through CAVU simplifies this process, using submitted employee data to automate compliance and payroll requirements by employee. When payroll operations are integrated with our other workforce management tools, core facets of HR are streamlined and simplified, minimizing the need for manual data entry in favor of one cloud-based and user-friendly platform that consolidates and processes all of your payroll data.

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Managing Expenses and Historical Data

Managing Expenses and Historical Data

For large-scale businesses, dealing with receipts, reimbursement requests, and other expense-related processes can be tedious and time-consuming. Our mobile platform simplifies requests, recordkeeping, and integration with payroll so you stay consistently informed about expense management, costs, and other budgetary concerns.

CAVU’s platform also simplifies reporting and the utilization of historical data to support your business’ growth. Whether you need to analyze the cost efficiency of a particular project, the productivity of a department, time & attendance trends in your workforce, or benefits utilization, our HCM solution helps your organization gain valuable insights, make necessary policy adjustments, and improve business operations.

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Integration of HR Processes and Employee Engagement

Integration of HR Processes and Employee Engagement

When HR processes are disjointed due to the use of multiple platforms or systems, it not only impacts the efficiency and productivity of your organization, but the overall employee experience. From making benefits enrollment intuitive for your employees, to building connectivity through a more thoughtful onboarding process, HCM software supports improved employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

From the employer’s perspective, payroll and HCM tools can help your business expedite payroll approvals, HR approvals, adapt to staffing needs, and much more – all while enjoying peace of mind that payroll calculations are consistently accurate and employee data is synced across a wide range of HR processes.

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Data Security & Permissions

Data Security & Permissions

The larger an organization, the more sensitive employee and business data is being compiled and exchanged, sometimes across multiple platforms with differing security protocols. CAVU utilizes a cloud-based platform with advanced encryption, multifactor authentication and other security measures to protect your organizational data and prevent cyberattacks as well as internal fraud.

Our HCM platform enables role-based permissions that restrict or expand access to payroll processes and other HCM tasks based on an employee’s position within the company. These permissions can be customized or adapted at any time based on staffing changes, departmental reconfiguration, or other circumstances.

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Enterprise Payroll Compliance and Regulations

Enterprise Payroll Compliance and Regulations

The leaders of large companies understand that it’s imperative to remain compliant with payroll regulations and a wide range of labor laws and tax requirements, especially as business grows. This is particularly true for companies that operate in multiple counties or states or have employees residing/working in a range of geographical areas. Most corporations must determine required pay frequency based on jurisdiction, calculate varying payroll tax rates, stay attuned to additional reporting requirements based on the size of the company, and address many other complex compliance concerns.

That’s why CAVU HCM can work on your behalf to monitor and adapt to all of the local, state, and federal regulations that apply to your business and ensure lasting compliance. As fluctuations in regulatory requirements occur over time, your payroll system will be modified to stay compliant and efficient, empowering your company and HR staff to focus on business growth and enhanced employee experience.

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Enterprise-Level Businesses

Features of CAVU HCM’s Specialized Enterprise Payroll Solution 

Our enterprise payroll solution offers comprehensive HCM support in a single consolidated platform. From employee self-service functions to automated payroll compliance and real-time analytics, we offer all of the features needed to support efficient payroll processing for big businesses. 

Here are just some of the features you’ll enjoy:

Seamless integration

With time & attendance, benefits administration, hiring & onboarding, and a wide range of related HR and HCM processes.

A scalable payroll system

Our program adapts to minor or major changes in your business operations, whether it’s new locations, staffing changes, new regulatory requirements or otherwise.

Consistent access to a CAVU Payroll Guide

Our Guides who offer dedicated customer support and leverages years of expertise in compliance and payroll processing to answer your questions and adapt to your business’ needs.

Consolidated data and records management  

Our program is consistent across HR processes, including payroll, and ensures that all of your sensitive data is protected by advanced security measures and adjustable permissions functions.

Employee Self-Service

These features allow your employees to review and modify their employee and payroll information from any device, using a mobile platform with 24-7 access. Using an ESS portal increases trust, transparency and ease of use for your business and employees, strengthening employee engagement and retention.

Timely, efficient, and accurate payroll

Resulting from reduced manual data entry, a reviewable general ledger before each payroll process; automated local, state, and federal compliance and tax calculations; garnishment and workers’ compensation management; and much more.

Increased insight into organizational health

Through real-time reporting options that gather and interpret historical data to help you review high-priority KPIs and make workforce management adjustments based on your findings.


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Payroll & Compliance Peace of Mind for Your Large Business

For enterprise-level businesses, an efficient, accurate, and adaptable payroll solution is a must, especially as operations expand, workforces become more complex, and payroll and compliance requirements multiply. CAVU HCM offers leading-edge software and dedicated customer support to simplify payroll and related HR concerns so your business can return focus to its central tasks. Ready to bypass manual tasks, compliance headaches, and payroll inefficiencies?

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