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Payroll Solutions

Payroll for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare payroll should provide a host of benefits to your organization and employees – ranging from easy pay scale management, increased payroll accuracy, self-service tools, and much more. 


Regardless of which kind of facility you operate within the healthcare industry, payroll may become a  challenge when navigating variable pay scales, frequent overtime reporting, extensive documentation demands, shift changes, and much more. To support employee retention, employee satisfaction, and long-term compliance for your healthcare organization, it’s crucial to collaborate with a qualified payroll provider that can tailor payroll tools and services to meet your specific needs.

With efficient payroll solutions in place, the nurses, doctors, administrative staff and other employees in your organization can focus exclusively on patient care, granting you peace of mind that the technology and personalized support you receive makes payroll streamlined, mobile-friendly and intuitive across your entire workforce.


Exploring the Benefits of Simplified Healthcare Payroll

For hospitals, physicians’ offices, home health care providers, and other healthcare organizations, it’s imperative to ensure that permanent and temporary workers are paid in a timely and accurate way using streamlined software that easily integrates with other HR systems and processes.

Healthcare payroll, when implemented with a qualified provider, should provide a host of benefits to your organization and employees – ranging from easy pay scale management, increased payroll accuracy, self-service tools, data synchronization, and much more. 

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What is Considered an Hourly Employee?

Navigating employee classification can be a challenge for any employer, especially when overtime regulations, minimum wage laws, and other factors enter the equation.


Managing a Range of Employee Classifications and Pay Scales 

Many healthcare organizations employ a mixture of permanent and temporary employees, including on-call staff. This wide range of roles can lead to difficulties managing and calculating working hours, retainer-based pay, salary pay, and even union-related requirements.

A qualified payroll provider with expertise in the healthcare industry can help you bypass errors and penalties resulting from manual payroll processing (or a disjointed digital approach). With CAVU HCM, you can enjoy automated and streamlined payroll solutions to generate payment reports, track deductions, and handle many other tax-related concerns.

Payroll Processing & HCM Software Integrations

Timely & Accurate Payroll Processing
Seamless HR and HCM Software Integrations
Synthesized Data & Report Generation

Timely & Accurate Payroll Processing

Timely & Accurate Payroll Processing

An ideal payroll solution provides lasting peace of mind about overtime tracking, managing holiday hours, tax calculations, and early/automated detection of payroll errors or form entry issues.

Equally important, payroll software and personalized support helps you ensure employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Whether it’s providing consistently accurate and timely pay, utilizing direct deposit, updating pay frequency, or using other tools to improve employee experience, investing in a streamlined payroll solution represents a meaningful investment in sustaining a productive and motivated workforce.

In contrast, continuing to rely on a manual or in-house approach risks diminishing employee productivity, employee retention, organizational reputation, and incurring compliance-related penalties.

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Seamless HR and HCM Software Integrations

Seamless HR and HCM Software Integrations

Although a payroll software solution paired with professional support can help your organization simplify deductions, employee pay across classifications/pay scales, and much more, it is an even more valuable resource when it easily integrates with other HR and HCM processes.

At CAVU HCM, we recognize that payroll is directly linked to workforce management processes like time & attendance, scheduling, and benefits administration. We help your organization consolidate employee and organizational data across all HR processes to reduce manual data entry, ensure accuracy, simplify recordkeeping, and support mobile employee self-service to increase transparency, as well as employee agency, trust, and productivity.

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Synthesized Data & Report Generation

Synthesized Data & Report Generation

As large quantities of data are consolidated across HR processes – eliminating the need for redundant data entry or concerns about inaccuracies – a payroll solution also grants your organization the opportunity to leverage historical data to gain insights about employee hours, overtime trends, and other labor allocations.

With reports and analysis that can be easily generated through our workforce management platform, you can readily improve budgeting, management of workforce costs, and fine-tune scheduling practices among staffing managers and supervisors.


ACA Compliance:
Here's What Your Business Needs to Know

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Employee Self-Service

Especially in the healthcare industry, employee questions about taxes, deductions, pay scales, overtime and other compensation- and benefits-related concerns are commonplace. Given the intensity and unpredictability of the work itself, employees value transparency when it comes to understanding the payroll process, including how and when they will be paid.

For these and other reasons, CAVU emphasizes employee self-service, offering healthcare employees access to a fully mobile, cloud-based platform with 24-7 access from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. In the ESS portal, they can update employee information, banking/direct deposit information, review benefits elections, monitor overtime data, and much more. This is valuable for employees across industries, but especially for temporary personnel, staff who work at multiple locations, or employees who prefer to stay consistently informed about the payroll and employee information. 

Providing an employee self-service portal is an excellent way to simultaneously increase employee trust in the payroll process while majorly alleviating the burdens of current HR staff, freeing up time to focus on other HR processes like talent acquisition, onboarding, or improving employee experience or benefits.


Addressing Compliance

Like other industries, the healthcare field is subject to a wide range of local, state, and federal regulations that change frequently and often within the same calendar year. Across jurisdictions, healthcare regulations are especially stringent due to the nature of the work, liability concerns, required training and certifications, and the need to ensure workplace safety and patient welfare.

CAVU HCM helps you ensure that your payroll, timekeeping, scheduling, benefits and tax-related processes are fully legally compliant, adapting to your needs based on organization size, the jurisdiction(s) where you operate, and other key factors. Each of our clients receive personalized support from a CAVU Payroll Guide, who can answer and help you address any questions about regulations that apply to your organization.


Effective Payroll and HR Solutions with CAVU HCM

Managing payroll and related HR processes in house can be bewildering for any healthcare provider, especially as this approach can sometimes lead to lower employee retention, reduced productivity, system-wide inaccuracies, and compliance penalties that could damage your organizational reputation.

Take control of your healthcare payroll with CAVU HCM's tailored solutions. Contact us to discover how we can simplify your payroll process, integrate payroll with your other HR processes, and ensure lasting compliance. 

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