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CAVU Human Capital Management to Attend Annual IPPA Spring Summit

(Peoria, IL, March 1, 2022) CAVU Human Capital Management (HCM), an emerging provider of technology, payroll, and human resources, today announced it is attending the 2022 Independent Payroll Providers Association (“IPPA”) Spring Summit starting on March 2nd. CAVU’s Co-CEO, Marty Hamby, will also be a panelist at this year’s summit to speak on Leveraging Technology to Gain Efficiency. The IPPA is a leading national trade association whose members are primarily privately held payroll and human resource technology and service companies.

The IPPA Spring Summit is an annual event held in Las Vegas, NV. The summit offers its members a way to network with other leading payroll and HR companies, learn about industry best practices, rapidly changing regulations, and overall trends in payroll and human resources. IPPA members, collectively, represent billions of tax deposits and millions of paid employees. Its membership is a well respected group of companies and a recognized force in the industry and in federal and state governments.

“We are excited to attend this year’s IPPA Summit in person. This event and our membership help provide our team with deep technology, industry, and government knowledge. As a leading payroll and HR company, we are never satisfied with the status quo for our clients. It is our responsibility to stay at the forefront of our industry to help make our clients successful by eliminating the payroll and HR complexities, and risks associated with owning and operating a business,” said Marty Hamby, Co-CEO of CAVU HCM.

About CAVU Human Capital Management

CAVU HCM is a one-of-a-kind boutique payroll and HR technology and services firm where relationships are our number one priority, and our motivation is to meet our clients’ objectives and to constantly identify areas where we can bring value. C-A-V-U, the acronym, stands for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited, a phrase often used to describe desirable flying conditions. This also clearly describes our mission; Eliminate barriers, boundaries and limits for our valued clients and their workforces by providing best-in-class technology and a unique personal experience online and offline. We give owners of growing businesses the high-end tools and resources to empower their growth.

For more information please visit www.cavuhcm.com.