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Payroll Provider Not Come Through on Payday?

This is not okay.

Employees not paid on payday, an employer’s worst nightmare and cause of major negative impacts to your employees. This breaks the basic employer-employee promise of an employer paying for employees’ labor.

We are deeply sympathetic with those that did not get their direct deposit today. The ramifications of missing payroll for employees can be detrimental to the employee's situation when times are already tough.

Whatever the reason for the delay it is important that you can communicate with your payroll provider to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Can you pick up the phone and talk to someone knowledgeable to your specific payroll or is the customer service a list of FAQs, self-service tools that cannot help you resolve the issue, or hours-long hold times? Unfortunately, this has become the norm when dealing with many large payroll companies.

CAVU is different, we are a one-of-a-kind boutique payroll and HR technology and services firm where relationships are our number one priority, and our motivation is to meet our clients’ objectives and to constantly identify areas where we can bring value. We offer same-day direct deposit service throughout the country which serves as an excellent backup in case of unexpected disruptions.