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All Your Jobs, All The Time with Juvo Jobs

With easy-to-use, location-based technology, Juvo Jobs fits in your pocket to make sure your hiring needs are met, wherever you go.

So... What’s Juvo- -opt

So… What’s Juvo?

Juvo Jobs is an app that connects employers with job seekers at the touch of a button. It’s not a job board- instead, it focuses on personal connections, location & proximity of job seekers to businesses, and best of all, gives you greater results at the fraction of the normal cost!

finding workers

Juvo Jobs focuses on hiring hourly workers which make up over half of U.S. employees.

We know if you’re not hiring today, you’ll probably be hiring tomorrow. That’s why having Juvo in your back pockets keeps you ahead of the hiring curve, increasing your retention rate & saving you thousands in hiring costs.


Is It Really “All My Jobs, All The Time?”

Yes! Juvo’s location-based approach gives them an advantage over job boards. You’ll be able to hire nearby employees who will in turn be able to see what businesses near them are hiring.

Whether they’re checking the app with their morning coffee or scrolling through at 3 am, nearby seekers will have access to view your open positions 24/7.

Juvo Logo
Juvo Jobs
Low monthly subscription, all your jobs, all the time
Makes finding/filling a job easy for seekers & employers
See what is important, watch video intros of job seekers
Job Board
Job Boards
Expensive premiums & high per-post fees, at avg. $250/posting
Users spend valuable time scrolling through endless postings that are rarely local
Accepting applications is always a gamble, no personal connection


Hiring Made Simple

Accessible from any smartphone, Juvo offers

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24/7 awareness of your business on the Juvo network

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“Pushed” notifications of your job to local seekers

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Video intros in replace of traditional resumes to see seeker personalities

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Chat feature to talk with your job seekers directly in the app

How Juvo Works

Accessible from any smartphone, Juvo offers

How Juvo Works --opt 1
Attract hyper-local job seekers
How Juvo Works --opt 2
Get notified & quickly view seeker profiles & videos
How Juvo Works --opt 3
Connect in 1-Tap & chat to connect with your next employee

Of the US workforce are hourly workers

19.7 miles

Average one-way commute

1 in 4

Workers leave jobs stating commute is the main reason


Of the hourly workforce is under 30 and primarily search for jobs on their phone

What are Juvo employers saying? right-arrow


What are Juvo employers saying_

Meet your hiring needs with Juvo

Meet your hiring needs with Juvo

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